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The Peterborough Lithuanian Community (PELB) is a non-profit organisation that officially started its operations in 2007, although the roots of PELB's activities trace back much earlier. We are dynamic in our engagement, covering a broad spectrum of areas, with a primary focus on the core values of PELB - family, culture, health, education, and unity. Our mission is to preserve Lithuanian traditions, celebrate cultural holidays, and maintain the Lithuanian language for future generations. By organizing various events, we aim to connect Lithuanians residing in the city of Peterborough. Over more than 15 years, the Peterborough Lithuanian Community has not only contributed to preserving Lithuanian traditions but also played a part in enhancing the city through initiatives such as the Oak Tree Planting, Trash Collection Drive, and many other campaigns.

This organisation thrives on the invaluable time volunteered by remarkable individuals and the financial contributions from the community. Without you, there would be no us. We believe that together, we can realize the PELB vision of a united Peterborough Lithuanian community, where Lithuanian values foster the growth of the city.

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